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released December 3, 2015

All songs written and recorded by David Bechle in Rochester, NY.

© 2015 David Bechle / Tigran Metz Publishing (ASCAP)

A Microcultures production

Tracks 3, 6 & 10 arranged with Daniel Benjamin, Alex Drum, Sean McCausland, and Carl Robinson.

Pat Coniff plays trumpet.
Conor McBride plays the fiddle.

Art concept by DB, execution by Sean McCausland



all rights reserved


Shiv Hurrah Rochester, New York

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Track Name: City Water
I never drink city water
I think there's something that they put in it that makes me feel
It makes me feel left out

I left the city for another
Now I feel loved and loathed at the same time
I make my mother so proud

You've never lived until you wonder
Can I go on this way in the same place?
Or should I just stay here, settle down?

Just when you get yourself together
You feel the pull of gravity
What's it that weighs us down?

Little holes I see deep inside my head
With our hands we choke around our own throats
Give it time to last, give it time to pass

But I will not stay where there sounds no bleat
I have bone to set, I have blood to let
May I die in love, Capricorn above

I'm alive, I breath
When I drink I toast
When I curse I say "Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost"

Give it time to last, give it time to pass
Track Name: Burry Me, Please
Burry me up to my neck in bees
and dislocate my knees, and tell me you hate me

I can use this constructive abuse
as foder for the lies I tell to you daily

Where did all the love go?
Medic for my nose
Put whiskey in my blood flow
Knowledge you can borrow, and throw away

Smother me with poison ivy leaves
and sew closed my long sleeves, and tie them behind me

I can use this constructive abuse
as ornaments of spite I hang up all around you
Track Name: OK Alright
Hand was good and yet I folded
But if I could, again I'd hold it
But second chances aren't something that have come my way

Now where I sleep, it don't mean nothing
I hung your heart up with a push-pin
Now there's a bunch of little holes that I can see right through

This feeling's OK
and the timing's alright
The city's on fire so why don't you just stay here tonight

Tightly wound and freshly smarted
It's a broken town for the lonely hearted
Now there's a face I don't remember cause it's been too long

Never have I seen or tasted
the kind of fruit that's often wasted
How can a heart be all aflutter if it has no wings?

Someday we will find out what we're fighting for
Someday we will see a sign we can't ignore

This feeling's OK
and the timing's alright
The city's on fire so why don't you just stay here tonight
Track Name: I'm Your Loon
Amy, I love you
I have to sing it out so you know it's true
Even if I said I will, you said I do

Amy, I love you
A cat in every room and a bed for two
An apple in your belly and you feel it move

I tell it to you soo oooh

Amy, I love you
We belong together like a tongue and groove
Say you love me, say to me that I'm your loon
Track Name: Girl in the Snow
Envy orphan who's never had a home
Winter comes and you're frozen to the bone

Turn the lights on in a well design house
Found you hanging in your favorite blouse

See more clearly when both your eyes are closed
Melting motivation always apropos
Track Name: Chicken Sip
A wheel too big to steer even for idle hands
and pricks in ivory towers with jelly roles and big big plans
buy and sell and trade your little life away
but you should know by now to win you've got to pay to play

Scales are falling down like arrows from your eyes
and every time the closing bell is rung an angel cries
it's like a silent song, a story left untold
the city sold the Brooklyn Bridge to pave the streets with gold

They certified their souls so when it's time to die
little tiny camel fits right through that needles eye
is thing even on? cause I'd just like to know
whatever happened to the chicken in each and every pot

You hold your head up high but do your business down below
You've got my name on file and promise never to let go

I know you hate to hear me say
I think its time for you to go
though you'd best be on your way
you really put on quite a show
Track Name: Doki Doki
I've never see one like you
and a cold wind would blow if you knew
Now I've now window seat, but a view you can't beat
by mountain, valley, and sea

White like the snow at my feet
and soft like I new you would be
There's an arrow in my chest, and a war in my head
in which I was destined to die

Turn this plane around, we must fly west
and land on an island in the middle of the sea
Lest we forget the plans that we've made
let us move onward as long as we be

I tied you up in my dream
and cut you just to watch how you bleed
Now if I can't hurt myself might as well hurt someone else
a skill I have mastered with ease
Track Name: Lorena Lorena
We've all felt a little foreign and had our faces filled with tears
A peculiar occupation gives you cauliflower ears
We would all feel so much better and our minds could be at ease
If you murdered your convictions and you found a cure to some mysterious disease

Lorena Lorena

In the silence that a harbor like a man inside a whale
Taking orders from a servant, in the mirror looking pale
Sent a foreign delegation to the shores of Lake Sevan
Taking comfort knowing nothing but that no one will remember me when I'm gone

Lorena Lorena

When I'm old and I am dyeing will I have someone to blame?
Can we conquer without trying? Is it a lion we can tame?
And all the stars will keep on shining, caring not what comes of me
And the world will keep on turning, isn't that the way that life's supposed to be?
Track Name: Missing Link
Shadowless and blind, the sun could turn into a little piece of dust up in the sky
none-the-wiser would you be with one less eye
Satellite above, send a signal, now more than ever we all need your broadcast love
more than ever we all need your broadcast love

la-la-long goodbye la-la-long goodbye
until one day you realize to your surprise
that when you wine and dine your fertile wives
it's nothing more than your desire to fertilize the prize inside your fertile wives

Anatomical plaster cast bones
talent show failure cries on the phone
SM is the missing link
Cat Hair in my coffee helps me think

Contrition for your crimes, keep a letter of resignation on your body at all times
and never make-believe that wrong words rhyme
Saddle up and ride, you seem as if you're moved but never really feel anything inside
you never really felt that much inside
Track Name: Mountain Sip
Navigate our course by star and shadow
as heavy in my heart as in my hands
this palanquin upon my aching shoulder
although I know not who resides within

Years have passed as though they are mere seconds
we've walked as many leagues as there are trees
we came down from the peaks of yonder mountain
and what's inside will bring you to your knees

Whichever way the water flows we go
rise and fall over every tongue we behold
whichever way a body folds we know
a hidden push and the secret grows like a hole
a hole that we know, a hole where we go

A long and lonely night has left you searching
a tongue has found its way into your ear
and like a viper fills your brain with venom
and like a God is fills your heart with fear

Sun turn into moon
day turn into night
world turn round too soon
dark turns into light
Track Name: En Pissant
Tongue and groove, coming and I hear you move
a single little mote of dust, oh how you disapprove
and even though these eyes are true
and even though these lies are blue
a memory that's all but lost and gone without a clue

In passing I love you
In passing I do

Once I heard from an unassuming bird
come undone one will be unobscured
never knowing what to say
forgetting each and every day
oh how I have become a cliche

In passing I love you
In passing I do

Ghosts of all the reasons that you won't
call you like a debt collector on the phone
with your eyes closed you precariously walk
on a line that breaks your back or brings you home
Track Name: Wax On Wane Off
Tide of elation wax and wane
flow like an ocean through my veins
call of the ancient roles we play
all that we live for from today

and these words
assemble themselves in my brain
and exit the hole in my face
but fall to the ground like a stone

This world is torn
it isn't ordinary
this heart is yours
this heart is yours

it's with us everywhere we go
it's with us everywhere we go
Track Name: If I Could
I know who you are
I know who you talk about
but I'll take the blame
when the accusers are calling your name

If I knew what to say without speaking at all
if I could pick myself up without having to fall
if I could think with my head instead of my heart
then I wouldn't need you